Nest And Asian Insurance Giant AIA Launch Startup Accelerator In Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s close proximity to manufacturing hubs like Shenzhen, China, and its small but growing startup ecosystem will make it a fertile growing ground for wearable tech startups. At least that’s what Nest, an early-stage venture capital firm, and AIA, one of Asia’s largest insurance providers, are hedging their bets on. The two have teamed up to launch AIA Accelerator, which will focus on health and wearable tech startups.

Nest already holds several programs meant to help fledgling Hong Kong startups grow. These include an incubator program and an equity crowdfunding platform. AIA is Hong Kong’s largest insurance provider by market cap and has offices in sixteen Asia-Pacific markets.

The accelerator program started accepting applications today and will select eight companies, which will receive mentoring and potential long-term equity investments. The startups will present their products during a demo day next June.

In a statement, Steve Monaghan, head…

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