The Reality Is …

The Book Wars

… I cheated on this month’s theme a little. I mean, I do intend on talking about some of the things that constitute contemporary realistic fiction, but I’ve decided to do so by using a selection of comics and graphic novels. Why graphic novels and comics, you ask? Well, here, let Bryan Lee O’Malley (the creator of Scott Pilgrim) take it away:


Okay, fine, he comes off a little full of himself there, but hey, this was a from a reading and which storyteller doesn’t love the medium they have dedicated themselves to? The point, though, is that I really agree with him.

People have put all kinds of restrictions on what comics can be- whether they are talking about what kinds of genres can be explored in comics, or who the comics are for, or how sophisticated they can be, or even how seriously they can be taken- but…

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