Hello Gumbo!

Cooking in Sens


We’ve never used our downstairs bathroom because it has always been unusable.


Not just dirty but originally constructed, decades ago, with poor, cheap materials not meant to last more than a couple of years.  And they didn’t.


Today Steve DeVeau, French-Canadian and master remodeler stripped the bathroom down to 4 walls and I made gumbo.  I had a lot more fun than he did 😀


I snipped a few of the last branches of my fresh thyme and decided to go with a mix of peppercorns for the stock because I like the colors of mixed peppercorns.


I found some premixed Emeril’s Essence in the pantry and sprinkled 6 enormous chicken thighs with it before browning.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy the premix again.  It’s easy to make your own and you can adjust the quantities of ingredients to taste.  In addition, it stores well.


The idea of gumbo came…

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