66 Janji Jokowi-JK Saat Kampanye Pilres, Ayo Catat dan Awasi Bersama!

Catatan Seorang Introvert!

Seperti kita ketahui bersama bahwa Pasangan Jokowi – JK telah memenangkan Pemilu Pemilihan Presiden Indonesia yang ke tujuh. Dalam kampanye yang dihelat bulan Juli lalu setidaknya ada 66 janji yang terucap dalam kampanye pilpres, apa saja? Mari kita cermati bersama!

1. Janji Jokowi-JK Besarkan Pertamina Kalahkan Petronas dalam 5 Tahun


2. Jokowi Janjikan Bangun 50 Ribu Puskesmas


3. Swasembada Pangan


4. Membuat Bank Tani untuk Mengurangi Impor Pangan


5. Jokowi Janji akan Tetap Blusukan bila Jadi Presiden


6. Jokowi Janji Benahi Kawasan Masjid Agung Banten


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Hari Guru Nasional



Hari Guru Nasional diperingati bertepatan dengan terbentuknya Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia (PGRI) yaitu pada tanggal 25 November 1945. Meskipun Hari Guru Nasional di Indonesia bukan hari libur nasional, tetapi hari spesial untuk para guru ini biasanya dirayakan oleh lembaga pendidikan dengan pengadaan upacara penghormatan pada guru, kepala sekolah, dan juga staf sekolah lainnya.

Berikut ini adalah daftar kegiatan peringatan Hari Guru Nasional:

  1. Upacara Bendera peringatan Hari Guru Nasional
  2. Forum Ilmiah Guru.
  3. Seminar Profesionalisme Guru
  4. Lomba Kreatifitas Guru.
  5. Ziarah ke Taman Makam Pahlawan.
  6. Gerak jalan sehat.
  7. Bakti sosial (donor darah, kebersihan lingkungan dll.)

*) Pedoman Pelaksanaan Hari Guru Nasional dapat di download di sini

Google Doodle

Google Doodle ikut merayakannya dengan membuat huruf-huruf unik berbentuk lima guru mata pelajaran yang berbeda di sekolah. Selamat Hari Guru Nasional semoga pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa ini semakin di apresiasi kini dan nanti.

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Cut Nyak Dien

Ujian Fitri

download (2)Cut Nyak Dien merupakan salah satu pahlawan revolusi wanita yang ada di Indonesia. Cut Nyak Dien lahir pada tahun 1848. Beliau merupakan seorang keturunan dari keluarga bangsawan yang sangat taat beragama. Beliau menikah di usia yang masih sangat muda dan beliau menikah dengan Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga. Beliau sangat membela warga Aceh yang di jajah oleh kolonial Belanda. Beliau meninggal pada tahun pada 6 November 1908.

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Rainbow Flower

Brotherly Love

A few weeks ago I took a picture of a red hibiscus flower on the short walk from the driveway to our front door. I always do that – take pictures of something that strikes my eye. Usually a brilliant color or subtle design attracts my attention. That day, I had an additional unexpected pleasure: lens flare. Most of the time, lens flare (the bouncing around of light within the camera lens, creating auras on the focal plane) is annoying. This time, it also added an essential element of design to the composition.

Digital Photo: Rainbow flower (lens flare) Rainbow Flower
Digital Phone Photo

Watercolor experiment:

My wife, Joy loves rainbows. I tried to capture the essence of this photo in watercolor.


I knew that it would be impossible to paint any kind of color over a black background in the watercolor medium, so I blocked out the places for the rays, with latex resist.  I also modified the…

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Sausage, Kale and Bean Soup

The Pink Rose Bakery

Let’s talk about soup. It’s been a while since we talked about soup. Mainly because it hasn’t really been soup weather.

Soup is always comforting at this time of year and also it involves only one pot.

Everyone loves cooking that only involves one pot. Less washing up is always a plus. Especially when there are other things to be getting on with.

Like a Christmas movie marathon (how is it possible that it is December next week. Next week!)

sausage, kale & bean soup 2 - the pink rose bakery

This soup is a winter staple in my family. Not only is it packed with flavour but it also fills your belly. And it’s warming and cozy in a ‘wrapped in a flannel blanket’ way. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped in a flannel blanket?

Maybe comparing soup to a flannel blanket isn’t such a good thing . . .

Anyway . . .

sausage, kale & bean soup 3 - the pink rose bakery

I was asked by the lovely…

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The Reality Is …

The Book Wars

… I cheated on this month’s theme a little. I mean, I do intend on talking about some of the things that constitute contemporary realistic fiction, but I’ve decided to do so by using a selection of comics and graphic novels. Why graphic novels and comics, you ask? Well, here, let Bryan Lee O’Malley (the creator of Scott Pilgrim) take it away:

SOURCE: http://lastnightsreading.tumblr.com/post/93869392838/bryan-lee-omalley-at-barnes-noble-upper-east SOURCE: http://lastnightsreading.tumblr.com/post/93869392838/bryan-lee-omalley-at-barnes-noble-upper-east

Okay, fine, he comes off a little full of himself there, but hey, this was a from a reading and which storyteller doesn’t love the medium they have dedicated themselves to? The point, though, is that I really agree with him.

People have put all kinds of restrictions on what comics can be- whether they are talking about what kinds of genres can be explored in comics, or who the comics are for, or how sophisticated they can be, or even how seriously they can be taken- but…

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An Ocean Beyond Earth: Europa Awaits

It’s no secret that Earth’s ocean is filled with life, much of it still a mystery or totally unknown to science. But what about the ocean on other worlds? I’m not talking about sci-fi planets or suspected alien Earths around other stars, either, but right here in our own solar system, where an ocean even deeper than ours lies hidden beneath a global shell of ice.

Scientists believe there is an ocean hidden beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. In the video above, NASA-JPL astrobiologist Kevin Hand explains why scientists are so excited about the potential of this ice-covered world to answer one of humanity’s most profound questions: does life exist beyond Earth?

To learn more about Europa, click here, and see the latest enhanced version of a Galileo image of Europa below:

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Hello Gumbo!

Cooking in Sens


We’ve never used our downstairs bathroom because it has always been unusable.


Not just dirty but originally constructed, decades ago, with poor, cheap materials not meant to last more than a couple of years.  And they didn’t.


Today Steve DeVeau, French-Canadian and master remodeler stripped the bathroom down to 4 walls and I made gumbo.  I had a lot more fun than he did 😀


I snipped a few of the last branches of my fresh thyme and decided to go with a mix of peppercorns for the stock because I like the colors of mixed peppercorns.


I found some premixed Emeril’s Essence in the pantry and sprinkled 6 enormous chicken thighs with it before browning.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy the premix again.  It’s easy to make your own and you can adjust the quantities of ingredients to taste.  In addition, it stores well.


The idea of gumbo came…

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Yes, the Nexus 6 is a great phone, but I’m buying a Moto X 2014


Last night I returned from our Gigaom Roadmap event, traveling from San Francisco to my home office in Pennsylvania. And as soon as I got back, I started thinking about how the Nexus 6 handled the trip. The short answer is: Mostly well. But I’m not buying one. Instead, I’m opting for a new 2014 edition of the Moto X.

Traveling with the Nexus 6 was fun and enlightening

My trip this week — leaving for California on Monday and returning on Thursday — was a really good scenario to put the Nexus 6 through its paces. I had already reviewed the Nexus 6 last week and came away mostly impressed. The screen is gorgeous, I can get through a full day on a single charge and the phone has the stock or pure [company]Google[/company] Android experience that I prefer.

Nexus 6 landscape

Even better, a new software update arrived for the Nexus…

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National Disappearing Days From The Calendar Month


novemberSeriously, I’m not entirely sure who’s been feeding amphetamines to Time itself, but the calendar is whipping through days at a ridiculous pace. I mean, waaaaay too fast.  Faster than a over-stimulated toddler after a full bowl of Sugar-O’s, running stern to bow on a Federation starship screeching through the vastness of space at Warp 9+.

Which, I guess, isn’t physically possible, technically, but I’ll leave that for the Einsteins of the world to work out.

The point is, it was, like, two days ago that I was trudging along behind a cluster of overly-stimulated (I sense a theme here), costumed kids of varying ages as they made their way through our neighborhood, trick-or-treating for Halloween.  And by “two days”, I apparently meant three weeks.

How in name of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice it somehow got to the 21st day in November, I’ll never know.

Personally, I suspect Gremlins…

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If you’re worried about Uber and privacy, don’t forget Lyft and Sidecar


Privacy concerns are front and center when it comes to Uber’s messy week, and a personal experience with the cavalier use of user data really brought that home for me.

The Uber controversy is a perfect storm of conditions: Ethically questionable leadership, aggressive threats, and a company with powerful user data. Uber has your credit card details and information on where you travel at what times. That’s a scary thought, especially when you look up the lengths it has gone to thwart those who oppose it — like its competitor Lyft and existing taxi services.

In the fall out from Emil Michael’s threats to dig up dirt on journalists, Uber has gotten a lot of tough privacy questions thrown its way. Ten of them, in fact, from Senator Al Franken, ranging from “To whom is the so-called God View tool made available and why?” to “Why aren’t…

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Writers Writing About Comfort Food: Coffee

Chicago Literati

The smell of coffee and with it comes a stream of memories:

I have had late night conversations on the nature of reality over a cup of this. I have lost my mind with one constant companion. I have met with a girl in a café, not sure if my slightly falling in love was due to her company or the magic stuff I was drinking. Perhaps it was both. It is my welcomed addiction, my aid when I feel uninspired.

As I write this, I sip a latte watching the words write themselves with ease. I have been wondering lately what will become of me, what will become of my future, or if it will become anything. The air is cold and nothing else warms me in times like these. I welcome the warmth in my hands, the warmth I seem to be seeking from life, but is always…

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Lirik Lagu Chelsea – Blue Is The Colour


Blue is the colour, football is the geme
We’re all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name
Here at the bridge, weather rain or fine
We can shine all the time
Home or away, come and see us play
You’re welcome any day
Blue is the colour, football is the geme
We’re all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name
Come to the shed and we,ll welcome you
Wear your blue and see us through
Sing loud and clear until the game is done
Sing Chelsea everyone
Blue is the colour, football is the geme
We’re all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us on…

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Prediksi Pertandingan Sunderland vs Chelsea – Liga Premier Inggris


Sunderland vs ChelseaPertandingan antara Sunderland vs Chelsea akan berlangsung hari Minggu, 30 Nov 2014 pukul 00.30 WIB di Stadium of Light.

Sunderland akan menjamu Chelsea di akhir pekan ini. Sunderland berhasil meraih 2 kali kemenangan, 2 kali imbang, dan 2 kali menelan kekalahan dalam 6 pertandingan terakhir mereka. Pada pertemuan terakhir kedua tim ini pada tanggal 19 April 2014, dimana Sunderland menjadi tamu di pertandingan itu dan berhasil meraih kemenangan atas tuan rumah Chelsea dengan skor 1-2.

Sunderland di harapkan dapat meraih kemenangan juga di pertandingan kali ini. Gustavo Poyet, Pelatih Sunderland juga akan mempersiapkan skuad dan strategi yang lebih baik dari yang lalu. Sunderland saat ini berada di posisi ke-14 dengan perolehan 13 point.

Chelsea kini memiliki modal yang sangat bagus jelang pertandingan melawan tuan rumah Sunderland. Pada pertandingan terakhir Chelsea berhasil menang telak atas tuan rumah Schalke 04 dengan skor 0-5 di Liga Champions. Di pertandingan sebelumnya di Liga Inggris…

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Kisah TKI di Malaysia, Demi Ringgit Nyawa Melayang


Pontianak –
Darwin, seorang tenaga kerja
Indonesia (TKI) asal Kota
Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan
Barat, meninggal dunia di Miri,
Malaysia. Pria kelahiran tahun
1987 ini meregang nyawa setelah
terjatuh dari rumah lantai 3 di
Miri, Malaysia.
Sebelum meninggal, Darwin tak
sadarkan diri atau koma di
rumah sakit Miri, Malaysia. Hal
itu diungkapkan ibu kandung
Darwin, Aminah (60) ketika
ditemui Liputan6.com, di
rumahnya di Jalan Selat Sumba I,
Gang Baru I, RT 002 RW 019,
No.45, Kelurahan Siantan
Tengah, Kecamatan Pontianak
Utara, Kota Pontianak.
“Anak saya 6 hari koma di
rumah sakit di Miri, Malaysia.
Kejadiannya pada 21 November
2014. Dia jatuh dari rumah lantai
3 di Miri, Malaysia,” kata
Aminah, Jumat (28/11/2014).
Pada Jumat 21 November 2014
malam, kisah Aminah, abang ipar
Darwin diketahui bernama Ali
Sudirman menghubunginya via
telepon menceritakan bahwa
Darwin koma setelah jatuh dari
rumah lantai 3. Saat itu Ali
langsung meminta uang Rp 10
juta kepadanya untuk…

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